Surcharge FAQ’s


What is a dangerous or hazardous material surcharge?  

Thedangerous/hazardous material surcharge is an additional routing and transportation fee passed on from freight carriers to handle the appropriate routing of materials in accordance with Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) regardless of mode of transportation.

How do I know if my part is classified as dangerous/hazardous material?

PartsSource has identified al /hazardous material? l items in the catalog that require a special fee prior to purchasing as well as during checkout in the shipping and handling fees.

What is the difference between dangerous and hazardous material?

Dangerous materials require a special handling fee only if being air freighted, with no surcharge for ground transportation. Hazardous materials will be assessed a surcharge for all air shipments, ground transportation, or a combination of both.

I don’t understand why my battery has a dangerous goods handling fee?

Many of the batteries we sell contain lithium which is powerful and can generate a lot of heat. In addition, the chemical contents of these batteries are flammable. For these reasons, there is a safety regulation for transporting these types of batteries.

How do I know if I am purchasing a lithium battery?

PartsSource has identified all of the items that contain lithium in the catalog prior to purchasing, as well as during checkout in the shipping and handling fees

Do you profit from this surcharge?

PartsSource charges you the same fee assessed to us for the handling and transportation of these goods. We do not profit from this surcharge.

How can I find out more information about dangerous or hazardous materials?

You can visit carrier sites regarding more information or I can send you a link with additional information: