CRC-55TR DOSE CALIBRATOR by Capintec, Inc.
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CRC-55TR DOSE CALIBRATOR by Capintec, Inc.
CRC-55TR DOSE CALIBRATOR by Capintec, Inc.
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Product Overview

Provides the speed and accuracy you need to measure and prepare doses with the reliability and performance you expect from Capintec. The new Capintec CRC-55tR Dose Calibrator provides the speed and accuracy you need to measure and prepare doses with the reliability and performance you expect from Capintec. The CRC-55tR’s design includes a menu driven, color touch screen interface that is easy to learn and use.

The ion chamber is one of Capintec’s time-tested, high pressure chamber designs capable of measuring a dose as high as 6 Ci (250 GBq) with high accuracy. Additional features such as USB/PC Communications, printer capabilities and plug and play chamber make the CRC-55tR integral in improving your department’s efficiency.

The innovative functional design of the CRC-55tR allows for a large, easy-to-read display that indicates Nuclide Name, Number, Activity, Unit of Measure and Calibration Number. Entering data through the custom touch screen interface is fast and includes 28 programmable keys. The user can select from 80 nuclides by simply selecting the nuclide symbol on the touch screen interface.

Other capabilities include storage of reference sources in memory that automatically decay correct for today’s time and date. Automated quality control tests and self-diagnostics are built-in with automatic zero and background subtraction making the CRC-55tR exceptionally easy to use. An optional printer enables the CRC-55tR to print full size records and patient tickets with peel off labels for vial and syringe identification.

  • 8" color VGA touch screen display
  • Single or optional second plug and play chamber capability
  • Chamber can be placed 100 feet from the readout unit
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) Software
  • On screen display of Nuclide Name, Number, Activity, Unit of Measure and Calibration Number
  • Large character, high visibility display
  • Over 80 Nuclides with half-lives in memory
  • Full alpha numeric touchpad
  • Built-in dose calibration, quality control and self diagnostics
  • Automated QC including constancy and linearity programs
  • Compatible with Nuclear Medicine Management Systems via USB
  • Optional printer for full size NRC records and patient labels for syringes and vials
  • USB/PC Communications
  • Software upgrade via USB or Flash Drive
  • USB printer capability
  • Automated Geometry and Linearity Testing
  • Capable of dual chambers
  • Supports exchange of chambers with the CRC-55tPET dose calibrator
  • Ionization Chamber: Type: Thin wall, deep well, high pressure; Fill Gas: 12 atm Ultra Pure Argon
  • Measurement Range: Type: Auto Ranging; Activity: 250 GBq (6 Ci), max.; Resolution: .001 MBq (.01 µCi), max
  • Format: Direct reading in Bq or Ci; Bq/Ci Reading: User selectable or fixed; Values Displayed: Nuclide name (Atomic symbol, Mass number), calibration number
  • Electrometer: Accuracy: Better than ± 2%; Linearity: Within ± 2%; Response Time: Within 2 sec., 4 to 16 sec. for very low activity samples
  • Repeatability of Measurement: Repeatability: Within ± 1% within 24 hours, during which time the calibrator is on all the time
  • Tests: Diagnostics: Full test of program, system memories; Daily: Auto Zero, Auto Background Adjust, Data Check, Accuracy and Constancy, Voltage Test; Enhanced: Linearity, Geometry, Strip QC
  • Nuclear Data: Nuclide Keys: 28 programmable keys; System Memory: Over 80 nuclides (cal number and half-life)
  • Standard Source Data: System Memory: Co-57, Co-60, Ba-133, Cs-137 Standard Sources
  • Molybdenum-99 Assay: Methods: Canisters of CAPMAC; Measured Values: Mo-99 elution, Tc-99m, Tc-99m/Mo-99 Ratio
  • PC Port: Interface: RS-232 & USB; Compatibility: Standard Nuclear Medicine Management Systems
  • Printer (Optional): Interface: RS-232 and USB; Type: Epson Roll, Epson Slip or Okidata full size dot matrix; Printing Options: Full size test reports. Measured results on tickets

Technical Specs

Key Specs

Capintec, Inc.
New OEM Original
Display Size
8 IN
Display Type
50/60 HZ
Power Consumption
90 MA
Touch Screen
100 - 240 VAC
Product Overview
Technical Specs