Healthcare Supply Chain Management Technology

PartsSource not only provides quality medical parts, but we also provide the healthcare industry with technology-enabled services and procurement solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs and improve organizational effectiveness.

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Room for Improvement—Medical Replacement Parts Procurement

The way in which medical replacement parts are obtained may not be on the radar of most hospital administrators. Yet, with virtually every other area of their facilities already benefiting from external partnerships and technology innovation, this often overlooked clinical engineering pursuit represents a significant opportunity to contain costs, enhance productivity and improve outcomes.

Rather than requiring clinical engineers to source parts with no automated means of cost or quality comparison, healthcare providers must keep their technicians focused on equipment repairs and preventative maintenance. How? Offer a high-quality, vetted supply chain; provide access to reliable, everyday pricing; and make procuring parts a simple, one-stop shopping experience.

Procurement Solved—
The PartsSource Solution.

As the number one resource for biomedical and diagnostic imaging replacement parts in the world, PartsSource created a solution that brings newfound efficiency to the parts procurement process.

  • Healthcare’s first multi-OEM, multi-modality, multi-condition digital catalog
  • 24/7 access to instant pricing for 3.4 million medical replacement parts
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere via mobile app
  • Patented quality management system
  • Network of 1,000 OEMs and 5,000 suppliers
  • Purchasing power delivers GPO-like discounts
  • Cloud-based technology platform

PartsSource’s Quality Policy: PartsSource and its employees are committed to providing efficient procurement solutions which satisfy and meet the needs of our customers.

Value Propositions: What We Bring to Parts Procurement

PartsSource’s thought leadership is demonstrated through industry-exclusive procurement solutions that directly answer the challenges facing healthcare providers. Positively impacting internal processes and the patient experience, we improve:


  • All major OEMs & Suppliers
  • Negotiated discounts
  • Access via Mobile & Web tools
  • Interfaces with CMMS & ERP


  • Supply chain traceability
  • Quality management engine
  • ISO-certified supply chain
  • Built-in governance workflows


  • Expertise in supply chain
  • Benchmark analytical tools
  • Shared workflow platform
  • Best practices within software

Performance Metrics—PartsSource by the Numbers

OEM List Price(100%)
PartsSource Pricing(50%)

Through relationships with 1,000 OEMs, PartsSource leverages its significant purchasing power to secure parts discounts from 10 to 50% for its provider partners.

The PartsSource proprietary Supplier Ranking ModelTM analyzes vendors based on multiple metrics on an ongoing basis to ensure providers are getting the best parts from the best suppliers.

Order Time Without PartsSource(100%)
Order Time With PartsSource(11.11%)

Clinical engineers spend just 5 minutes on average to procure a part when leveraging PartsSource technology, as opposed to 45 minutes on average when manually sourcing a part.


Jefferson University Hospital


$3.6 million savings
on replacement parts in 2013

40 steps removed
from procurement process

Greater than 97%
electronic order management