On-Site Biomedical Equipment Repair & Diagnostic Imaging Support

Most likely, your Clinical Engineering team’s headcount hasn’t grown to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements and demands of healthcare. As a result, you’re likely challenged with biomedical equipment repair backlogs, along with an increased need for diagnostic imaging support. The sheer volume of equipment repairs and maintenance backlog, along with unpredictable surges in demand, often leaves Clinical Engineering departments like yours discouraged and seeking answers. PartsSource helps organizations like yours ensure healthcare is always on. Not only do our repair services and diagnostic imaging support help you reduce costs, it also adds visibility and insight to predict future burdens on your internal Clinical Engineering team.

Achieve Time Savings

We streamline OEMs and secondary suppliers under one ecommerce platform, shared across your organization, so you can quickly and easily gain access to repairs or refurbishments on all types of medical equipment repairs, validations and service. Our on-demand marketplace is available 24/7 with optional mobile access.

Quality Assurance & Flexible Scheduled Service 

Our marketplace vets for quality through our Dynamic Quality Management Systems to ensure medical equipment repairs and maintenance meet industry-leading quality standards to support optimal patient outcomes. Highly trained technicians are available on an hourly basis, for large blocks of time or offer flexible hours.


World-Class Expertise

PartsSource gives you ready access to qualified and experienced technicians to support your in-house staff and our internal team helps you throughout the entire sales process. You can access our technicians as needed or schedule equipment repairs and preventive maintenance on a regular basis.

Control Costs

You can control costs quickly by eliminating equipment backlogs that drive unnecessary rental and capital costs, and through flexible pricing options, no overtime fees and capped rates. As the industry’s first multi-OEM, multi-modality and multi-condition digital catalog, our marketplace provides access to reliable, everyday pricing on all types of medical equipment repairs, validations and service. We work together with your team to reduce repair backlogs, improve the availability of patient-ready equipment and decrease overall equipment maintenance costs.

Getting Repair Service Has Never Been Easier.

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