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Creating a Whole New Parts Procurement Paradigm for Healthcare.

Why Buy into a Better Way?

Given the current healthcare climate, providers are seeking to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in every department. Yet, clinical engineering is an area where the opportunity has largely gone unrealized. With powerful, patented procurement technology and best practice workflows, PartsSource has transformed how clinical engineers optimally function within the healthcare ecosystem.

As your managed procurement partner, PartsSource brings unprecedented efficiency and visibility to the sourcing of clinical replacement parts. Not only will they procure the best parts at the right price in a more timely manner, clinical engineers can focus solely on repairing equipment rather than shopping for replacement parts.

The Old Process


PartsSource: A Better Way, A Better Process

PartsSource automates the costly, time-consuming, manual procurement workflow via patented procurement technology.

Quality Through Supply Chain Performance Management

Continually vetting over 6,000 OEMs and after-market suppliers based on a patented rating process with rigorous quantitative and qualitative criteria helps ensure each part procured through the PartsSource supply chain is of the best quality possible. Offering thousands of those parts in multiple conditions makes it easy for providers to find the sweet spot between price and quality.

Evaluating 1,000’s of OEMs and suppliers to ensure our customers get the right parts for their needs

PartsSource evaluates
of OEMs and suppliers to ensure customers get the right parts for their needs.

Cost Savings Via Procurement Expertise and Purchasing Power

PartsSource gives providers access to volume-based discounts that can range up to 30% per part; however those obvious hard cost savings are just the beginning. The time savings and improved efficiencies afforded by our streamlined procurement workflows and the support of procurement experts in diagnostic imaging and biomedical modalities can be equally advantageous from a financial perspective.

PartsSource Core Exchange
Monitoring Service:
Major AMC in the Midewest saved $250,000 in first year

PartsSource Core Exchange Monitoring Service delivered
in savings the first year for a major midwestern health system.

Productivity From Cloud-Based Technology Platform

The previously unprecedented ability to one-stop shop thousands of aggregated medical replacement parts online represents a tremendous boost in technician productivity. Add to the equation our mobile app, which facilitates single-click ordering at the point of diagnosis, and you have an instant evolution of the way clinical engineering departments operate. And, since it’s all accomplished via a single technology platform, the data is easily leveraged for peer benchmarking and other competitive analysis.

Cleveland Clinic:
Saving 60 Minutes
per technician per day

Cleveland Clinic saved
60 Minutes
per technician, per day with PartsSource.

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