Quality Management—Harnessing Data to Drive Better Outcomes

Our Impartial, Analytical Approach to Procurement

PartsSource uses data to drive better procurement outcomes based on thousands of data points continually collected and analyzed using our patented, proprietary technology. This proven, repeatable method ensures healthcare providers are getting the highest quality parts available every time, without exception or outside influence. Most areas of hospitals already rely on data to inform decisions. PartsSource brings this QC best practice to parts procurement.

The data upon which we base our procurement decisions is both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data is collected by PartsSource and focuses on each supplier’s capability to deliver quality parts in a timely, efficient, dependable and professional manner. Quantitative data is generated by thousands of customers with every transaction and is aggregated by PartsSource to grade each supplier on the quality of the parts they supply.

PartsSource Quality Methodology – Performance-Based, Process-Driven

Making thousands of parts purchase decisions every day with 10,000,000 points of data using advanced algorithm technology is what distinguishes PartsSource. Our patented process has been perfected over 14 years to deliver reliable and reproducible results – for each and every order.

Quality Workflow for Decision Support

For every inbound part request received by PartsSource, our proprietary workflow process is automatically applied. As a result, the customer is presented condition options from the highest-ranked supplier at the best price for multiple condition tiers: OEM Original, Replacement, Refurbished, and Tested conditions. This system gives our customers absolute assurance they’re receiving the best quality at the most advantageous cost.

Quality Management Impact

Just 0.1% of OEM original parts ordered through PartsSource were returned for quality reasons.

More than three-quarters of all parts ordered through PartsSource are OEM original parts.

0.4% of non-OEM original parts ordered through PartsSource were returned due to failure before warranty expiration.