How We Partner For Success

Medical Products And Services Marketplace—
A Marked Improvement for Many

Thousands of healthcare providers across the country benefit from using PartsSource at varying levels every day. As the industry’s first multi-OEM, multi-modality and multi-condition digital catalog, our marketplace is a one-stop shop for:

  • Over 82,800 healthcare professionals
  • More than 3,300 hospitals
  • 2,400-plus clinical sites

The efficiency enhancements these providers realize from our single-source, web-based eCommerce platform have forever changed the industry. Not to mention the one-click, mobile ordering functionality afforded by our Mobile Application.

In addition to the convenience of the marketplace, PartsSource uses its purchasing power to secure discounts from over 400 OEMs and thousands of secondary suppliers:

  • Biomedical OEMs include: Steris, Hill-Rom, Midmark, Maquet, Covidien Nellcor
  • Diagnostic Imaging OEMs include: Siemens, Philips, GE Healthcare, Toshiba

Our vetting of these suppliers ensures both the quality and timeliness of parts. Customers also access a variety of value-added on- and off-site services.

How Customers Engage with Us

Customers use PartsSource in a variety of fashions. Some providers mix and match traditional purchases from multiple modalities and services, while others access our fully managed service model. Whether engaging us on a limited basis, perhaps just for a very hard to find or discontinued part; purchasing biomedical parts, diagnostic imaging parts and services on an ad hoc basis; or anything in between, PartsSource offers the full gamut of flexible engagement opportunities.

Why It’s Better to Engage PartsSource for Parts Procurement

Purchase the same high-quality products through us for less thanks to our buying power; what’s more, make those purchases faster with greater visibility, more analytic insight and a better workflow.

Leverage the options PartsSource offers including purchasing from modalities, and selecting from multiple conditions (new, used, refurbished) and suppliers (OEM, secondary) for cost savings.

Access additional services, such as specialty glassware services for DI equipment, onsite installation of complex products, Depot Repair services, the creation of hero kits, and technical support to realize savings and greater spend visibility.

Create a seamless procurement process across clinical engineering, supply chain and finance department, including interfacing with hospital CMMS and ERP systems.

Get More Through a Deeper Partnership with PartsSource

For providers who would like to realize even greater cost savings, seamless systems interface, the power of PartsSource’s wealth of industry data and more, the company offers a fully managed service model. This comprehensive, managed procurement program incorporates our technology and expertise to create a seamless work environment for clinical engineering and facilities management, and even offers the manpower necessary to handle all of a provider’s replacement parts needs.

Purchase parts with no mark-up, resulting in a lower price per part.

Eliminate the hassles of data entry, manual sourcing and billing reconciliation tasks.

Forecast better with fixed fee model, rather than a per-part transaction fee.

Access comparative industry data, gleaned from over a decade of transactions.

Value-Added Benefits of the Fully Managed Service Model

Always the Lowest Price
Occasionally, providers can secure better discounts from OEMs. That’s why we can load subscriber-customer’s discounts into the platform and those prices are automatically applied when they are lower than the PartsSource discount.

Data Analytics and Reporting
Gain visibility and industry perspective through our over 13-year database of clinical replacement parts transactions. Improve decision-making based on real-world spend data, benchmark your spending, determine best practices and attain a total cost of ownership for clinical parts procurement.

Customize Parts Catalog
Configure the Medical Parts Marketplace to your facility in terms of which conditions and options are available to your clinical engineers and technicians. Whether it’s restricting purchases to OEMs only or not allowing the purchase of refurbished parts, provider administrators or managers can tailor the online catalog experience to fit the specific needs of healthcare providers.

Procurement Best Practices
Derived from working with thousands of hospitals across the country, PartsSource offers subscription-based customers technology-infused best practices proven to yield a streamlined procurement process and allow clinical engineers to focus on equipment repairs, not parts sourcing.