Seeing Replacement Parts in a Whole New Light.

Reaching the People Who Purchase Clinical Equipment Parts

Most OEMs are accustomed to having an open dialogue with decision-makers within a provider organization who are responsible for new equipment purchases. However, few know how to effectively reach the individuals who are tasked with procuring replacement parts for that equipment — clinical engineers and their department managers. Gaining access to this niche market is essential for both OEMs and after-market suppliers seeking to grow their parts businesses.

Suppliers In Demand — The PartsSource Effect

At PartsSource, we know the clinical engineers at provider organizations and ISOs, and they know us. More importantly, clinical engineers know the PartsSource Marketplace makes their job of procuring replacement parts considerably easier and more efficient. When OEMs or secondary suppliers become a part of healthcare’s first multi-OEM, multi-modality, multi-condition digital catalog, the result is instant access to and credibility with a large universe of recurrent users actively seeking to buy clinical equipment parts.

Plug-in to a Thriving Replacement Parts Business

By partnering with PartsSource, OEMs and suppliers immediately realize the value of our proven technology platform and complete support structure for this growing line of business. As an established channel for clinical replacement parts sales, PartsSource allows suppliers to establish an online sales presence quickly and cost effectively. What’s more, you’re plugging into a network of customers who frequent our innovative, online catalog and appreciate the quality control afforded by our vetted supply chain.

A Quick Fix: Put Your Parts in Front of 1,000s of Qualified Customers

PartsSource serves 3,000+ providers
and more than 7,000 clinical sites

60,000 clinical engineers procure
parts through our catalog/mobile app

PartsSource Marketplace recently
passed two-million-orders milestone