Break into The Parts Business: Realizing More Revenue from Repairs

Replacement Costs—A Lack of Attention to Parts Hurts OEMs

Replacement parts are not commonly a focus for OEMs, corporately-speaking. However, a negative customer experience when seeking to procure parts for your equipment can adversely impact future capital purchases and brand perception. Also, a deficit in your parts department affords other suppliers an opportunity to take away business. What’s more, OEMs are required to make replacement parts available for a device’s lifecycle and beyond. Why not make parts procurement a pleasant, efficient experience for provider customers?

Put Your Best Foot Forward and Win Back Lost Parts Business

OEMs stand to gain much from revitalizing their replacement parts business. In addition to recapturing parts sales presently eroded by alternative suppliers, improving the parts procurement experience for providers can help entrench relationships and impact future capital purchases. Given the current provider climate, partnering with PartsSource can turn replacement parts into a growing revenue stream. It’s also an opportunity to create a positive impression with clinical engineers, who influence purchase decisions, large and small.

Flexible Parts Solutions Pay Dividends for OEMs

Leveraging PartsSource’s powerful, proven technology platform, OEMs can reap the rewards associated with a more proactive approach to the parts business. Offering both direct and indirect distribution channels as well as procurement solutions for OEMs with multivendor service teams, PartsSource can help OEMs:

  • Enhance brand perception through greater exposure to and preference among provider customers
  • Expand your business by transitioning from a reactive parts sales environment to an interactive one
  • Improve customer relations through greater responsiveness and a more streamlined and consistent ordering process
  • Gain visibility into competitive parts options and customer buying behavior through analytics and market intelligence
  • Boost productivity by automating manual processes, consolidating accounts receivable and enabling field service technicians to order on the go

Our Impact on Partner OEMs