Frequently Asked Questions


What is the PartsSource mission?

Our mission is to improve healthcare delivery while reducing costs by supplying medical replacement parts (“parts solutions”) and software applications (“technology solutions”) related to the procurement and management of replacement parts as well as the management of the total cost of the part.

What is PartsSource? What do you do?

PartsSource offers its customers parts solutions and technology solutions to help get the job done cost effectively while increasing productivity. We are the nation’s only multi-modality, multi-vendor alternative supplier of medical replacement parts. We search the market to find the best solutions to suit our customers’ replacement parts needs, communicate purchase options to the customer, secure the order, and ensure on time delivery of our parts. We are the only aggregator of medical equipment repair parts for the health care industry.

Additionally, PartsSource offers an array of “Business Solutions”, unique software applications that aid in the cost effective procurement and management of medical replacement parts.

What customers does PartsSource serve?

We serve the thousands of Biomedical Equipment Service Technicians, Imaging, and Clinical Engineers (hospital based or employed by independent service organizations) tasked with maintaining and repairing medical equipment in healthcare facilities across the USA and abroad. We also serve the managers and directors of these departments, not only with replacement parts, but also with unique software applications useful in centralized purchasing environments.

Additionally, PartsSource offers value in the form of cost effective “glassware” alternatives (X-ray tubes for CT, Rad, R/F, cath lab, mammography) to Managers/Directors of Radiology and Cardiology departments tasked with providing literally millions of diagnostic procedures and maintaining patient throughput while administering equipment repair budgets and reducing costs.

Purchasing Agents, Materials Managers, and other personnel charged with purchasing responsibilities will find PartsSource to be not only a provider of replacement parts (e.g., cables, batteries, and bulbs/lamps) but also parts procurement software applications which can greatly assist them with parts procurement and management.

We also are supply parts such as Image Intensifiers and technological information needed by industrial engineers and independent service personnel involved with non-destructive (NDT) radiographic testing applications.

How do you quickly locate medical replacement parts?

PartsSource has invested heavily in a proprietary database management system – PartsFinder – that allows our team to efficiently and cost effectively source customer parts requests. Additionally, we have a staff of professional sourcers specialized by Imaging and Biomedical modalities or technologies. Sourcing medical replacement parts is our core competency and main business focus. It is the thing that we do better than anyone else. We list over 6,000 vendors in our database and conduct over 1,000 parts requests a day. In addition to sourcing, we now provide proprietary software programs that aid our customers in the procurement and management of medical replacement parts.

What parts do you sell?

We fulfill parts requests for all manufacturers and all modalities, from anesthesia to monitors to x-ray tubes. We cover all Diagnostic Imaging and Biomedical modalities found in the health care setting. Customers often ask us for a catalog. Our reply: “Everyone’s catalog is our catalog”. We currently handle over 1,000 parts requests a day. Chances are excellent that we either have it or can find it. At PartsSource, “The answer is YES!” Here is a partial listing of some of the modalities we offer:

Biomedical: batteries, beds, bulbs/lamps, cables, computer components, depot repair, infusion pumps, patient monitors, respiratory, sterilization, test equipment

Imaging: batteries, cables, CT, mammography, monitors, MRI, nuclear medicine, portables/C-arms, Rad/RF, ultrasound, x-ray.

How do we categorize you in our system?

Most customers simply list us in their system as a Parts Provider. Some have added the additional term Preferred Parts Provider to signify we are also offering additional savings when parts are needed.

How long have you been in business?

PartsSource was established in 2001. Since then we have grown rapidly to a $100,000,000-plus company with over 220 full time employees. While we have won numerous awards and received industry recognition for growth it is solely due to the fact that we successfully focus on meeting our customers’ needs every day, one part at a time

Do you deliver savings to your customers?

Yes. We regularly source parts from 10% to 75% off OEM list price. Average savings across all parts purchased by a medical facility or service organization varies depending on mix of parts ordered.

Do you have any impact on customer productivity?

Yes. Our customers are trained to keep our healthcare delivery system running by ensuring equipment uptime. We realize our customers can source their own parts but we encourage them to pursue the value-added activities they were trained for – preventive maintenance, problem solving, and equipment repair. Sourcing a part can take on average one hour per part, time spent away from important activities.

Consider your car mechanic: would it be an optimal use of his/her time if they hit the phones to source parts instead of letting the parts department do what they do best while they started to work on car number two? Additional considerations: no one technician has the part searching capability of a company that sources over a 1,000 parts a day and no one company has anything remotely comparable to our parts finding application, PartsFinder.

Also, we have tremendous buying power customers can leverage to their advantage. Finally, we have a team of specialized sourcing professionals trained to secure multiple parts options and hard-to find-parts.

As the Boomers age and healthcare reform accelerates, there will be substantial increase in pressure for Biomedical and Imaging Equipment Service Departments to find additional ways to cut costs and be more productive. It is our experience that PartsSource can help not only with parts but also our unique technology solutions such as ePartsFinder.


Are you a distributor?

We are a distributor of replacement medical parts, but we are NOT a distributor of finished “customer ready” product. Typically, we do not sell equipment but offer replacement parts you need to service equipment from blood pressure cuffs all the way to CT scanners.

Are you a third party or outsourcing firm?

Yes. Many would categorize us as a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider with a core competency in acquisition of medical replacement parts.

Are you an independent service organization?

PartsSource does not perform preventive maintenance or equipment repair. We serve the people that do. However, we can be very useful in locating and identifying service providers to meet your needs. Ask your Account Manager.

Why should a vendor consider supplying parts to PartsSource?

PartsSource acts as the sales and marketing arm for many vendors who choose to do the things they do best (equipment tear down, parts harvesting, refurbishment, parts repair) while they rely on PartsSource to utilize our 90-plus sales force members to represent them in the marketplace. Additional considerations:

  • Complete and immediate access to the “secondary” or “aftermarket” including those customers that choose to procure parts solely from the aftermarket
  • Access to lower cost parts inventory management
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Maintenance of desired quality levels on your installed base
  • Incremental revenue from a net gain in parts orders

What are the Terms and Conditions of Purchase?

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

Do you offer services that benefit the OEM?

Yes. PartsSource offers access to a large (and growing) group of technicians that purchase the overwhelming majority of their parts from the “secondary” or “aftermarket”. Last year we sourced parts for over 10,000 Biomed Equipment Service Technicians, Imaging Engineers, and Clinical Engineers in over 3,000 facilities. We provide access to these customers. Additionally, we offer solutions to better manage OEM product lines scheduled for end of life. These include:

  • Inventory reduction and disposition
  • Warehouse space optimization
  • OEM control of pricing and inventory depletion
  • Reverse support for ongoing field service commitments.

Won't the customer call the OEM anyway?

PartsSource offers discounted pricing for products for over 150 OEM’s so there may be no need to contact the OEM. Additionally, with our 94% sourced rate under current OEM pricing it’s unlikely that a customer would call an OEM after hearing the pricing options we’ll have for them. These days all hospital departments are under pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and become more productive. PartsSource offers all three. Departments whose budgets were formerly not large enough to undergo scrutiny by the CFO are now under pressure to reduce the budget. As a result, there is a migration of customers into the “secondary” or “aftermarket”. PartsSource offers parts options at great prices to help departments get the job done while watching costs.