Key Considerations for Defining your Supply Chain Strategy [Webinar]

In today’s healthcare environment, clinical engineering departments are expected to do more with less. Many CE Directors look to their supply chain to cut costs, but do not have a strong evaluation process to ensure they are selecting the best supply chain partners.

The process of identifying current pitfalls and opportunities, goals, strategy, and RFP is crucial to ensuring CE Directors are finding the right supply chain partner or partners. Once the strategy is in place and supply chain partners are chosen, there is critical data that must be utilized and evaluated to ensure all partners stay on goal. During this webinar, members from Allina Health and PartsSource take attendees through a strong vendor evaluation process that can be implemented in any Clinical Engineering department.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  1. Optimize your supply chain relationships by implementing a 5 step process
  2. Start a restructuring process and define your facility’s goals procurement
  3. Recognize key metrics needed to continually evaluate procurement vendors

You can also view the video here: http://1technation.com/priorities-todays-ce-leaders-key-considerations-defining-supply-chain-strategy/

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