Insights and Innovations 2016 has Begun!

Live from the HIMSS Innovation Center in downtown Cleveland, the PartsSource 2016 Leadership Summit has begun! Phil Settimi, MS (Biomedical Engineering), MD President and & CEO of PartsSource kicked-off the conference announcing PartsSource’s 15-year anniversary and welcoming its guests. “We are excited to celebrate our 15-year anniversary, and even more excited over the relationships we’ve formed and the way the organization has evolved into a technology company over the past several years. We are truly grateful and appreciate all of you being here today.”



PSLS 2016’s Hot Topic

What’s the hot topic for PartsSource’s 2016 Leadership Summit? Cyber Security! HIMSS has equipped the health field with the resources to address cybersecurity challenges with its interactiveCybersecurity Hub, an immersive learning environment aimed at de-mystifying the evolving cyber threat landscape for executives, healthcare providers, IT professionals, policymakers and the general public. Our guests are getting a sneak peek before HIMSS opens up to the public on October 25th.