The SMASH! Effect for Where to Find Medical Parts Suppliers

Don’t let their disguises fool you. Our team of superheroes remains incognito, and they have full awareness of their surroundings. With this great power comes great responsibility. That’s why PartsSource wants you to SMASH! your way to smart decision-making by helping you to answer that question – “Where to find medical parts suppliers?”

In order to protect you from villains, we negotiated discounts with thousands of OEMs and high quality, vetted suppliers. Our extradimensional intelligence includes a patented medical parts supplier ranking module and ISO 9001:2015 certification, so you don’t feel powerless. And it doesn’t stop there. We give you visibility into all of your orders for parts and services, including depot repair. You can consolidate hundreds of vendors and shorten your ordering time to as little as 90 seconds when integrating PartsSource into your facility’s asset management system. Overall, we are the mightiest in data-driven insights, so you can make smart purchasing decisions.

SMASH! You have been given x-ray vision, and you are empowered to see a good deal. Go and evolve your healthcare facility and make a new status quo by leveraging technology to drive smarter business decisions.


See what all PartsSource will be flexing at Premier Continuum of Care. The show is featuring superheroes, and PartsSource can’t wait to flex our muscles to its attendees. 


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