Customers Tour the Town with PartsSource

At this year’s AAMI conference, PartsSource customers got to eat, drink and learn about the culture and food of Austin. The food tour included a variety of restaurants, so PartsSource and guests could take a bite of Austin’s most loved dishes. From a signature brisket and sausage dish to a spicy chicken dish, there was something for everyone.

Jason Behm, System Director of Clinical Engineering at SCL Health, took a moment to speak about our PartsSource Pro program at the tour. The program helps customers consolidate order entry, management and invoice reconciliation from multiple OEMs and suppliers into one, consistent and simple to use process for on-demand goods and services.

Learn more about Jason’s discussion by downloading the free white paper on how to minimize procurement costs by keeping processes for obtaining parts and services as efficient and consistent as possible.

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This was an exciting show for PartsSource. Great connections were made, and we were able to provide tactical tools and strategies to help clinical engineering departments be efficient.