PartsSource Quality Policy

“PartsSource and its employees are committed to providing efficient procurement solutions which satisfy and meet the needs of our customers.”

PartsSource will strive to meet the objectives of the above quality policy through:

Quality Management System:

  • PartsSource maintains a Quality Management System, inclusive of policies, procedures and processes, which encompasses and complies with International Standard, ISO 9001.

Productivity and Improvement:

  • PartsSource optimizes the procurement process for replacement parts through workflow solutions and established business metrics meeting customer needs and satisfying regulatory requirements, while fostering an environment of teamwork for improvement across all organizational levels and QMS processes.

Customer Satisfaction:

  • PartsSource strives to achieve the satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and employees, keeping open, two-way communication in order to resolve issues.


  • PartsSource monitors, measures and maintains quality performance and effectiveness, through a sustainable Supply Chain, utilizing Key Performance Indicator metrics (KPIs) for quality improvement.