About PartsSource

Buy Part-isan: A Trusted Intermediary Serving Healthcare Providers and Clinical Parts Suppliers.

More Than Just Parts, Smarts

Don’t let the name fool you. While medical replacement parts are at the core of our business, Cleveland, Ohio-based PartsSource has re-invented clinical parts procurement with intelligent, innovative technology and workflow solutions.

Founded in 2001, PartsSource is the leading provider of replacement parts solutions for healthcare. With well over $100 million in annual sales, the company has over 200 employees and is responsible for several groundbreaking industry firsts. These innovations include a patented suite of technology solutions featuring an algorithm-driven procurement engine and supplier-ranking module, a medical parts marketplace offering one-stop shopping for millions of replacement parts and a mobile application providing portable access to the marketplace.

Veteran Founded

PartsSource is very proud to be a Veteran-founded business. Built on the core principles of honor, courage and commitment, our company continues to translate the values that make our Armed Forces great to the business world.

PartsSource is empowering its customers to drive costs out of the healthcare delivery system while improving outcomes. In addition to automating the highly complex workflow associated with procurement, the company delivers the industry’s only online, fully integrated parts procurement marketplace. PartsSource facilitates more than 300,000 transactions annually by connecting thousands of suppliers and OEMs to over 3,300 hospitals worldwide.